The MBB-CRC Translating Australian Marine Resource Discovery to Global Markets

Australia’s traditional marine bio-industries, primarily fishing and aquaculture, utilise only a tiny fraction of the nation’s discoveries for global markets in marine science and biotechnology. The proposed MBB-CRC is a unique and exciting collaboration between research and industry aimed at unlocking the full potential of Australia’s marine biodiversity and their bioactive compounds, translating these into sustainably produced products.

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"To grow and position the Australian Marine Bio-products and Biotechnology R&D and industry as a global leader in developing and commercializing marine bio-products through capacity building, international partnership, and sustainable & strategic utilisation of Australia’s abundant marine biodiversity. "


"To support the Australian National Marine Science Plan 2015-2025 in doubling the Marine-Bioeconomy in the next 10 years by developing a national capacity in industry-led and driven research innovation, training and commercialisation."

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what is the crc

The Cooperative Research Centre program was established in 1990. The program is administered by Australian Industry, a division within the federal department of Industry, Innovation and Science. The program is a competitive, merit-based grant program that supports industry-led collaboration between researchers, industry, and the community. Since its inception, the Australian Government has invested more than
$4.2 billion in over 100 CRC’s.


The Cooperative Research Centre for Marine Bio-products and Biotechnology (MBB-CRC)
A balanced portfolio utilising Australia's marine bioresources underpinned by commercialisation, education and training.

Marine Bio-products for Human Health and Nutrition

Improve existing marine-derived bio-products; Novel bioactive bio-products; New product formulation technologies for functional ingredients; Integrated bio-product functional test platforms for nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, functional foods and ingredients; Health claims and efficacy of nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, functional foods and ingredients; Innovative integrated biorefinery processing technologies optimising profitability and sustainability metrics; Capacity to support regulatory approval of functional bio-products; Market assessment and development for the human health and nutrition products industry.

Marine-Derived Agricultural Products

Improved existing marine-derived agricultural products; Novel and bioactive agricultural products; Efficacy of marine agricultural products in greenhouse and field applications; Market assessment and development of the Australian marine agricultural products industry; Cost efficient green processing technologies for agricultural products with competitive advantages; Innovative processing technologies for new agricultural products.

Sustainable Marine Bioresources

Marine animal and algae derived bioactive libraries ready for marine bio-product commercialisation; Sustainable, scalable and cost-effective cultivation of species compatible within Australian environments; Sustainable wild harvesting and cultivation of species for bio-products demanded by global markets; Cost-effective on-farm harvesting, drying and storage of marine biomass ready for advanced processing; Environmental, ecological and risk assessment of culture methods; Policies for wild harvesting and cultivation of marine species at industry scale.

Commercialisation, Education and Training (CET) in the MBB-CRC will create globally connected leaders, build the future workforce, educate and engage with community, enable and accelerate commercialisation.