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Marine Bio-products and Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing fields of science and technology delivering many productive new opportunities for existing industries as well as supporting the development of new industries in mariculture, food and functional food, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals, biomaterials and biofuels, and pharmaceuticals. Many developed and developing economies with marine territories, including the US, Europe, Japan, China and Korea have been actively developing and implementing their ‘Marine Bio-economy’ strategies to secure their next wave of economic growth. Australia is significantly lagging in global Marine Bio-economy development, investing in R&D innovation and translational commercialisation hold the key for our national success and competitiveness in this exciting new opportunity arena.

The Marine Bio-economy is a business and societal response to environmental, resource and social challenges and opportunities through the sustainable use of marine biological resources for creating new marine-derived products, industries and jobs.

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"To grow and position the Australian Marine Bio-products and Biotechnology R&D and industry as a global leader in developing and commercializing marine bio-products through capacity building, international partnership, and sustainable & strategic utilisation of Australia’s abundant marine biodiversity. "


"To support the Australian National Marine Science Plan 2015-2025 in doubling the Marine-Bioeconomy in the next 10 years by developing a national capacity in industry-led and driven research innovation, training and commercialisation."

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The CRC for (MBB CRC) is an ideal initiative to strategically grow and position the Australian Marine Bio-economy in the global market.....


what is the crc

The Cooperative Research Centre program was established in 1990. The program is administered by Australian Industry, a division within the federal department of Industry, Innovation and Science. The program is a competitive, merit-based grant program that supports industry-led collaboration between researchers, industry, and the community. Since its inception, the Australian Government has invested more than
$4.2 billion in over 100 CRC’s.


The Coorporative Research Centre for Marine Bio-products and Biotechnology (MBB-CRC) will work with industry participants to develop improved and new processes for the production of marine-derived new functional food, nutraceuticals, medical foods, biomaterials, feed and agriculture chemicals for the development of marine bio-products and biotechnology industry in Australia.

Bio-product Development

The Ocean is a significant source of nutraceutical, cosmeceutical products, foods and ingredients. However, Australia has only scratched the surface of the potential of its endemic species. The MBB-CRC will identify and develop improved existing products that can be more competitively sourced from Australian marine bioresources, explore new products from Australian species, establish product formulation technologies for marine ingredients, and develop integrated functional test platforms for validation of their benefits and regulatory frameworks.

Innovative Bioprocessing Technologies

Marine bioresources are used extensively around the world as food, ingredients, cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals. However, the Australian industry is under-developed. For Australia to exploit its natural competitive advantage, it needs to map and develop new, green and more efficient technologies and integrated processing platforms that are economically-viable in the Australian context.

Sustainable Marine Bioresources

Australia’s oceans are economically important for a number of reasons, tourism, fisheries and biodiversity. Australia must find new and scalable, sustainable, and environmentally sensitive ways to produce, cultivate or harvest and distribute our unique sources of commercially ready marine bioresources for value-added marine bio-products industries.

Commercialisation, Education and Training (CET) in the MBB-CRC is designed to ensure industry growth and full utilisation of delivered innovations as a program-spanning integrating platform. The (CET) program will focus on creating new globally connected leaders, building the future industry attractive workforce, linkages to global technology transfer business and investment support networks, and community education and engagement.

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