Program 1

Marine bio-products for human health and nutrition

  • Improve existing marine-derived bio-products
  • Novel bioactive bio-products
  • New product formulation technologies for functional ingredients
  • Integrated bio-product functional test platforms for nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, functional foods and ingredients
  • Health claims and efficacy of nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, foods and ingredients
  • Innovative integrated biorefinery processing technologies optimising profitability and sustainability metrics
  • Capacity to support regulatory approval of functional bio-products
  • Market assessment & development human nutrition and health products industry

Program 1 Leader

Professor Colin Barrow

Deakin University

Program 1 Deputy

Dr Michael Conlon


Industry Co-leader

Dr Damien Stringer


Program 2

Marine-Derived Agricultural Products

  • Improved existing marine-derived agricultural products
  • Novel and bioactive agricultural products
  • Efficacy of marine agricultural products in greenhouse and field applications
  • Market assessment and development Australian marine agricultural products industry
  • Cost efficient green processing technologies for agriproducts with competitive advantages
  • Innovative processing technologies for new agricultural products

Program 2 Leader

Professor Ben Hankamer

University of QLD

Program 2 Deputy

Professor Rob Capon

University of QLD

Industry Co-leader

Rob Velthuis


Program 3

Sustainable Marine Bioresources

  • Marine animal and algae species bioactive libraries ready for marine bio-product commercialisation.
  • Sustainable, scalable and cost-effective cultivation of species compatible within Australian environments
  • Sustainable wild harvesting and cultivation of species for bio-products demanded by global markets
  • Cost-effective on-farm harvesting, drying, storage of marine biomass ready for advanced processing
  • Environmental, ecological and risk assessment of culture methods
  • Policies for wild harvesting and cultivation of marine species at industry scale

Program 3 Leader

Professor Catriona MacLeod

University of Tasmania

Peer Schenk

Program 3 Deputy

Professor Peer Schenk

University of Qld

Steven Clarke

Program 3 Deputy

Steven Clarke


Industry Co-leader

Dr Graeme Barnett


CET Leader

Professor Kirsten Heimann

Flinders University

Connect Educate train (CET)

  • Creating globally connected leaders
  • Building the future workforce
  • Community education and engagement
  • Enabling and accelerating commercialisation

Intellectual Property and Commercialisation

The MBB-CRC’s prime objective is to provide a cooperative platform to accelerate the translation of marine bioproduct discoveries and create an energetic and expansive bio-economy industry in Australia, through adoption of the MBB-CRC’s IP, processes and candidate products.